Borrani Tubeless Spoked Wheels

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Borrani Wheels. The wheels of champions since 22th April 1922, when Carlo Borrani brings the Rudge-Whitworth international patent to Milan and turns it into a world standard for technique, style and victory. For decades Borrani cooperated with the most important motorcycle makes contributing to the technical development of the whole industry. Since then the Wheels of Victory, the first to be made of aluminium, have won 38 world titles and thousands of motorcycle races worldwide.

Technical superiority, optimal behavior under extreme conditions, customization and unique style have made of Borrani the symbol of a whole generation of motorcycles, heroes and legends.

moto_2Just as when Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper on board three Harley Davidson ride in total freedom across America in the cult movie “Easy Rider”, or when Keanu Reeves comes down Sunset Boulevard on board his Guzzi – all fitted of course with JoNich Wheels.

The extraordinary craftsmanship of Borrani masters and a priceless heritage of over 8000 original designs allow us to build the exact wheel that powered the most important and prestigious bikes.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Italy combining cutting-edge engineering and craftsmanship for uncompromised riding pleasure. The high grade aluminium rim is cold machined by proprietary spinning process without welding, and finished on CNC lathe. This technology ensures a perfectly circular, lightweight rim with limited run out. The hub is CNC machined from billet of solid aluminium alloy.

Spokes are stainless steel with the exclusive ‘ONLY-SPOKES’ system that eliminates nipples and reduces weight in the peripheral area. Perfect air tightness is provided by the patented tubeless system. Safer, responsive ride in cornering and acceleration. Available as M-Ray.6 and the stylish M-Ray.9 series with oversized, widely spaced spokes.

Ultralite and Tailor-made options are available for personal commissioning of rim size, colours, finish and more bespoke features.